Solution-Driven unionism

Solution Driven unionism AFTAFT Local 212, the union that represents Milwaukee Area Technical College’s faculty, counselors and professional staff, is one of two AFT higher education unions to win a $25,000 prize for Solution-Driven Unionism, reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The award was for a program the union developed to enhance student and teacher engagement in the learning process to improve student success, and help boost the college’s completion and graduation rates.

“Solution-driven unionism,” is a new vision of unionism that advances solutions focused on uniting union members, the people they serve and the communities in which they live, says national AFT President Randi Weingarten.

Local 212 will use the $25,000 prize “to fund a competitive grant process among faculty who develop innovative, high-quality service learning opportunities for their students and to support building innovative partnerships with Milwaukee Public Schools”, according to Lisa Conley, the MATC chemistry instructor who authored the grant.

A message from Local 243 President Mario Dusio

As we live through the second anniversary of Act 10, I find myself both feeling reflective and feeling that action is essential. Although we no longer march in the snow around the State Capitol, the effects of Act 10 have in no way abated and the struggle continues.

The shattering of Wisconsin’s social contract was not done hastily or without forethought: The intent was to permanently alter, to fully divide, and to eradicate what had been. It is through the generosity of those who work here – YOU – that Madison College has survived relatively unscathed this long. It is a testament to the strength of those subjected to the changes wrought by this legislation that attempts to divide and conquer have instead produced solidarity. Yet, as amazing and affirming and powerful your as your generosity may be, Act 10 continues to endure in the state budget and related policies, to gnaw away, to threaten the mission of our college and the fabric of our community.

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