AFLCIO Right to Work BAnner

A message from Local 243 Secretary-Treasurer Mike Lussenden: Please join us at noon tomorrow — Saturday, February 28, 2015 — at the State Street Side of the Capitol to stand in solidaity with our friends in private sector unions against this so-called “Right to Work” legislation being fast-tracked through the Wiscosnin Legislature.

Private sector unions stood with us as we battled Act 10. Now, we can support the labor movement for all of Wisconsin!

“Thousands of working families have been coming to the Capitol this week to detail the impact of Right to Work legislation on their lives,” reports the Wisconsin AFL-CIO. “Workers have been speaking up and making it clear to their elected officials that Right to Work will lower wages for all, decrease workplace safety, destroy long-standing training programs that give workers valuable skills and make it harder Wisconsin to feed their families, pay their bills, and have a shot at a decent life.”

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Solidarity imageA message from Local 243 President Marie Dusio:

For those of you mourning Tuesday’s election returns, you are not alone. Continue to reach out to each other for support and comfort. There were unions before there were collective bargaining laws. The only way we cease to be a union is if we stop acting as one. Just as love and justice might be denied by some, solidarity is just as real when you feel it – regardless of those who deny its existence. We only really lose if we stop caring and advocating for each other.

The faculty chapter officers have been working to try to get the recent ‘unconventional hiring’ addressed. As we see it, there are two issues: the hire itself and the ramifications of such a huge deviation from long-standing practice. We are at the point where we have requested a meeting with President Daniels, while simultaneously taking the issue to the Employee Relations Council. We are working with AFT staff and legal. Our deepest thanks to all who have helped us understand the issue more fully and acted in support of each other.

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SCFL LogoA message from Local 243 President Marie Dusio:

With the opening of the new Metro Market at 6010 Cottage Grove Road, the Madison area now has a 100% union grocer. The workers at this store are represented by UFCW Local 1474.

In appreciation for their cooperation, UFCW Local 1473 and the South Central Federation of Labor (SCFL) are asking Union households to show their support by wearing their Union attire and visiting the new location on Saturday, June 14 any time throughout the day.

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Celebrate May Day (International Workers’ Day) by helping to “raise the roof at the Monona Terrace” at a rally in support of public education.

Karen Lewis, President of the Chicago Teachers Union (pictured front, right), will be one of the speakers at a May Day rally at Monona Terrace in Madison

Join The Progressive magazine and other organizations for the “Rally to Defend Public Education.” The main event is at 7 p.m. on Thursday, May 1, 2014 at the Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center in Madison. It will be preceded by a pre-event networking social from 5:30 p.m. until 6:45 p.m .

The event will be headline by two compelling speakers: Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis and John Kuhn, a Texas school superintendent. They have been fighting to save our public education system from the privatizers and profiteers in two diverse corners of America.

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A message from Local 243 President Marie Dusio:

Sisters and Brothers,

Please read the following email from Aaron Bibb, lead staff representative at AFT-Wisconsin — and then let’s help spread the word! Please show solidarity by supporting the Monona Grove teachers’ union members in whatever way you can (e.g., distribute flyers, show up, encourage others).

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Super Bowl was brought to you by union members

February 4, 2014

Having four former UW-Madison football players in the game (plus former Badger Darrell Bevell on the Seattle coaching staff), may have made it seem like this was the Badger Bowl, not the Super Bowl. But former Badgers aren’t the only people who helped bring you Super Bowl action. The AFL-CIO reminds us that it was […]

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