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Social MediaYou can now like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. AFT Local 243 recently established accounts on these two social networking sites.


Twitter: (our Twitter handle is @AFTLocal243)

In addition to following the action on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, you can also share individual posts from this blog to a variety of social networking sites by using the SHARE buttons at the bottom of each post. There are currently buttons for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest + an orange share button that serves almost 300 other social media sites.

Questions or suggestions about Local 243 and social media? Send an email to

Social-MediaSocial media is an increasingly important way to communicate. AFT National has a Twitter account and a Facebook page. FOLLOW the Twitter account and LIKE the Facebook page to stay abreast of issues affecting AFT members.

Also remember that you can share posts from this blog by using the buttons at the end of each post.