Shared Governance

Photograph of Madison Area Technical College DTEC by Joe Tarr for Isthmus

Photograph of Madison Area Technical College DTEC by Joe Tarr for Isthmus

Isthmus reporter Joe Tarr — and more than 100 other people — attended the Wednesday, April 8, 2014 meeting of the MATC District Board. Tarr wrote a lengthy article about what transpired. In it he noted “Daniels’ controversial recommendation is to ‘Sell DTEC.'” In addition, Daniels asked the board to end the West lease and look for space on the south side for a comprehensive campus.

Tarr also reported that Daniels made his recommendation despite the fact that, “The college’s Assembly, a 26-member advisory body that is part of the institution’s ‘shared governance’ system, declined to approve the sale of DTEC earlier in the week.” A copy of the Metro Campus Task Force and FPIC Recommendation that was “thumbed down” (i.e., not approved) at the April 6, 2015 Special College Assembly Meeting is available for download, as is an agenda for that meeting.

Solidarity imageA message from Local 243 President Marie Dusio:

For those of you mourning Tuesday’s election returns, you are not alone. Continue to reach out to each other for support and comfort. There were unions before there were collective bargaining laws. The only way we cease to be a union is if we stop acting as one. Just as love and justice might be denied by some, solidarity is just as real when you feel it – regardless of those who deny its existence. We only really lose if we stop caring and advocating for each other.

The faculty chapter officers have been working to try to get the recent ‘unconventional hiring’ addressed. As we see it, there are two issues: the hire itself and the ramifications of such a huge deviation from long-standing practice. We are at the point where we have requested a meeting with President Daniels, while simultaneously taking the issue to the Employee Relations Council. We are working with AFT staff and legal. Our deepest thanks to all who have helped us understand the issue more fully and acted in support of each other.

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Shared governanceA message from Local 243 President Marie Dusio:
Shared Governance arrived at Madison College on Monday, September 15, 2014. It is “an important first step in the move toward the formal creation of a new organizational model that will draw upon the expertise and practical experience of Madison College faculty, staff, and administrators is the election of seven at-large members to serve on the college’s inaugural College Assembly.”

An e-mail that includes a Call for Nominations to serve on the College Assembly was sent to Madison College employees at our Madison and regional campuses. This form, as its name implies, allows employees to nominate themselves or others for an at-large seat on this important committee.

Some of the language used by the Administration in conjunction with this nomination has been confusing; in particular, this paragraph:

“The call for nominees is a process open only to members of the at-large represented employee groups. The initial voting is also limited only to those being represented. Once the final nominees are determined, all employees may vote for one nominee from each at-large group.”

What follows is an explanation of the nominations and elections process for Shared Governance that should clarify this language, as well as provide a “big picture” of how this process will unfold:

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