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Wisconsin State AnimalYou undoubtedly know that the Badger (Taxidea taxus) is Wisconsin’s state animal and that “On, Wisconsin!” (which John Philip Sousa called “the finest of college marching songs”) is the official state song.

But did you know that Wisconsin also has a state ballad and a state waltz?

Visit the non-partisan Legislative Reference Bureau’s website to listen to MP3 versions of the State Ballad: “Oh Wisconsin, Land of My Dreams” by Shari Sarazin and the State Waltz: “The Wisconsin Waltz” by Eddie Hansen, as performed by Gary Kuchenbecker’s Old Lager Orchestra of Tigerton, as well as “On, Wisconsin!” performed by the University of Wisconsin Band under the direction of Professor Michael Leckrone.

And why this interlude? It’s a way of reminding you about the wealth of information — about Wisconsin elections, the state constitution, biographies of Wisconsin constitutional executive officers (Supreme Court justices, members of the U.S. Congress from Wisconsin, and legislators), and more! — available in the Wisconsin Blue Book. The price for the 2013-2014 edition (almost 1000 pages) is $7.25 without shipping and $10.15 with shipping. State legislators are provided with complimentary copies to give to their constituents. You may contact your state senator or representative to ask about receiving one. Or you can download it FREE online.