Income Inequality

Income inequality

In the United States, income inequality, or the gap between the rich and everyone else, has been growing markedly, by every major statistical measure, for some 30 years.

During his penultimate State of the Union address on Tuesday, Janury 20, 2015 President Barack Obama will lay out a plan to extend tax credits to the middle class by hiking taxes on wealthier Americans and big banks, according to senior administration officials.

In the meantime, Wisconsin Republicans who now control both houses of the Legislature planning to raise their tax-free “per diem” payments from $88 to roughly $138, according to a recent column by Dave Zweifel, editor emeritus of The Capital Times. “Speaker Robin Vos, the main man behind ideas like requiring folks on unemployment to submit to drug tests and devising ways to turn public schools over to private interests justified raising legislators’ tax-free “per diem” payments… because of inflation,” notes Zweifel.

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