Email archiving

Email 2Email has become such an important, accepted way of communicating that it is easy to forget it’s not all that private — especially when you’re using it at work. As a recent article on the Bloomberg Business website noted, “Courts have found that workers don’t have a reasonable expectation of privacy when on the job. Your boss, for example, can read your work e-mail.”

In addition, Federal and State laws require MATC to archive employee communications for a variety of purposes, including compliance with the State Open Records Law and Federal and State litigation-related records retention rules. Recently, The Capital Times requested and received copies of some emails, which were cited in an article headlined “MATC officials spar with staff hoping to thwart plan to close, sell downtown campus.” Note the second paragraph in this article by reporter Pat Schneider:

“A group of our faculty/staff is lobbying to keep DTEC (the Downtown Education Center) and is trying to rally the students and the public about the issues,” Daniels told top administrators and members of the college board of trustees in an email obtained by the Capital Times through an open records request.

The Local 243 newsletter published on March 10, 2011 featured a full page article summarizing MATC policy about archiving emails and voicemails. Most of the content of that article is reprinted below. It is full of information you need to know. Take time to read it.

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