October Union Newsletter is Here!

October 27, 2016

  • A CRISIS IN LEADERSHIP? If you haven’t heard the latest, the College has been stepping up its efforts to push its proposals through shared governance-lite groups,  variously identified as “impact teams” and “pilot studies”.  At last report, there were 28 so-called pilot studies, but their purpose was not defined and it remains a mystery as to why they weren’t brought to the College Assembly first. The way it SHOULD work is that issues are supposed to brought to the Assembly and then sent to specific Councils.  Meanwhile, small teams may be making policy for the rest of the employees without the oversight of the governance system the President wanted for the college.
  • Is OUTSOURCING BACK? The College has left open FT custodial positions for quite some time and asked the Employee Relations and Professional Development Council to “soften” the language on outsourcing in the Employee Handbook.
  • EARLY RETIREMENT?  Well, that depends.  How Long Have You Got? Helpful link and documents if you are considering retirement: https://www.ssa.gov/planners/retire/1960.html; etf-benefits etf-cost-of-service;  etf-handbook.
  • Also, you can contact ETF to have them estimate your specific actuarial reduction!
  • WHEN EMPLOYEES UNITE, GOOD THINGS HAPPEN!  Seen You Inform lately?  Me neither.  The College has quietly moved the site off the main webpage and into the background.  YOU DID THAT! We promise to keep monitoring!
  • Have you thanked a Custodial Worker lately? Why not make a point of doing so in this Season of Thanksgiving?
  • LOCAL 243 Partners with Second Harvest Foodbank in Seasonal Food Drive–OCT 31st-Nov 4th!  Please make any donation you can of food or cash to one of these locations:

1) The Auto Parts Store in the “D” wing of Truax. Look for the barrel and donation jar.

2) Between the coffee shop and the ASET office on the second floor of Truax. Look for the barrel and donation jar.

3) In the Foundation Center. The barrel will be in the lobby and the donation jar will be in Room 100.

4) The Mitby Storage Café, located on the first floor of Truax in the Athletics hallway. Look for the barrel and donation jar.

For every one dollar you contribute, Second Harvest can buy food for three meals!

  • NEW FEATURE: DON’T GET ME STARTED! GUEST COLUMNIST Luke Matthews (Chair, Anthropology) reflects on what is meant by the phrase “data measures” in the context of a faculty evaluation process (currently under consideration in the A & S Chairs’ meetings) Read here.
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