New website calendar feature added to keep members up-to-date on Local 243 activities

January 4, 2015

Capitol Scaffolding DC

2015 is going to be a difficult year for labor unions and their members as Republicans assume control of the U.S. Congress and Wisconsin Legislature. Local 243 will work hard to keep you informed about important national and state issues.

But some of the most important things affecting our members will be local issues. That’s why it’s important for members to attend meetings and participate in organizing activities. To facilitate this, there have been some changes made to to organization of information on this website and blog. The most important is the addition of a Google calendar. You can access the full calendar by clicking on the link in the menu bar at the top of the page (an abbreviated version is available in the sidebar). Right now, all of the Local 243 Forum meetings for the second semester have been added to the calendar. More information about meetings and events will be posted soon. The calendar also lists U.S. holidays. Please remember to check it frequently.

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