Complete your Local 243 membership form online

August 26, 2014

Signing up for membership in Local 243 is easy.

An online membership form is now available. Please take a moment to complete the form today: it’s as easy as One,Two, Three, Four:

        1. Go to the AFT-Wisconsin website and click on 0243-MATC Madison in the drop down box..
        2. Select your dues category (salary range) in the next drop down box, then click: Join
        3. Complete the membership form. Enter your current Committee on Political Education (COPE) contribution amount (if applicable). If not currently contributing to COPE, enter your new COPE contribution amount in order to support the political work of our union. (NO dues money is spent on political purposes: COPE is the way such activities are funded).
        4. Click on: Authorize Payment

If you prefer, you may download copies of the Local 243 reMembership form and dues guide from our website.

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