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June 24, 2013

The amount of news and so-called news available online can be overwhelming. To help you save time, we’ve once again waded through scores of recent online stories and selected a few that should be of interest to Local 243 members, including a story from the Wisconsin State Journal about the search committee’s reaction to the news about the recent firing of Stephen M. Curtis, one of three finalists for president of Madison Area Technical College.

For each item, we’ve included a headline with a link to the complete story, plus a brief excerpt so you can decide it you want to read more.

Candidate for MATC presidency terminated from current job

Source: Article by Doug Erickson for the Wisconsin State Journal, published online at madison.com on June 21, 2013

Bales said he “wasn’t surprised” to hear of the termination because Curtis had been “quite candid” with the search committee about the possibility that his employment could be ending soon.

Bales said Curtis did not share details about the nature of any disagreements between himself and his current employer, “only that he may or may not be continuing there.”

New Report Finds Major Gaps In The Way Community College Presidents Are Recruited, Prepared For The Job, And Evaluated

Source: Website for Achieving the Dream, Inc. “a national nonprofit that is dedicated to helping more community college students, particularly low-income students and students of color, stay in school and earn a college certificate or degree.”

In less than five years, over 40 percent of the nation’s 1,200 community college presidents are projected to retire, leaving critical openings at a time when demands have drastically increased.

Boards of trustees are urged to raise the bar of expectations for incoming community college presidents – looking for proof of a deep commitment to student success, assessing candidates’ ability to lead changes in culture and practice institution-wide, ensuring the new leaders are willing to take significant risks in order to achieve organizational success, and considering non-traditional candidates from outside academia.

Budget Heads to Governor’s Desk

Source: Wisconsin State AFL-CIO blog

Make no mistake; this budget will have a lasting and damaging impact on Wisconsin families. The GOP budget puts in place a tax shift which overwhelming favors the rich while starving neighborhood schools of necessary resources and expanding for-profit voucher schools.

Critics Say Chicago Shouldn’t Aid DePaul Arena With Schools Closing

Source: The New York Times – June 23, 2013

In May, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the university announced a proposal for a 10,000 seat, $173 million arena near McCormick Place, a convention center along the lakefront south of downtown. DePaul and the quasi-government agency that runs McCormick Place would chip in $70 million each for the publicly owned venture. The city’s tab would be $33 million, and that has created a bit of a stir.

The unveiling of the plan, which came six days before the Board of Education voted to close 50 public schools because of a $1 billion deficit and underutilization issues, has troubled some.

“This project could not be worse for human priorities,” said Bob Fioretti, the alderman of the ward that would house the arena. “We can’t afford neighborhood schools, but we can bankroll an unnecessary basketball arena for a private university?”

Thompson’s NYC Mayoral Bid Boosted by Teachers’ Union

Source: Bloomberg.com

Thompson, who said his mother was a teacher and federation member, called the union’s backing the “culmination of a lifelong commitment to education and teachers.”

“Teachers used to be the pillars of society,” the candidate told the the rally. “As mayor, I am not going to demonize teachers. We’ve had enough of that. I’m going to help them teach by giving them the tools that they need.”

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